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Drip Irrigation in Kenya: One on One with Irri-Hub Kenya –a boost to small holder farmer

Food security is one of the major problems in our country and it’s about time that we move from rain fed agriculture and start exploring other agricultural methods like drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is a technology where water delivery to plants is controlled in such a way that planting is done at the points where water is dripping.

Farmers in Kitale commend CS Yatani 2020/21 budget presentation on pending bills

Farmers in North Rift have always engaged in a war of tag with NCPB over payments. Budget allocation 2020/21 to agricultural sector -Kshs. 3 billion

Coronavirus response in Kenya should target Agriculture, especially tea farming

Agriculture contributes 65 per cent of Africa’s employment and 75 per cent of its domestic trade

How to get rid of fall army worms in Trans Nzoia County

The biggest invasion of army worms usually occurs after a cool, wet spring –and farmers fear that their crops might be destroyed in the coming months.

Small scale farmers in Trans Nzoia cry foul of army worms

The pests are known to be difficult to control as the current climatic conditions favours its growth and development.

Maize farming: How to ensure proper fertilizer application this planting season

High yields can be realized by proper timing when top-dressing. The time you apply fertilizer to your maize will affect how much you will harvest.

War on Locusts intensify as FAO strengthen Kenya mitigation strategies

The locust swarms, which matures and lay eggs, pose thread to farmers during this planting season.

Trans Nzoia County: Farmers sacred as COVID-19 cases escalates in Kenya

Farmers in Trans Nzoia county have found it hard to balance between social distancing, desert locusts and planting season with increasing prices of seedling and fertilizers. The government announced social distancing as key measure in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic