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Working from Home: Now you can hold meetings online for free

Meet, which is Google's premium video conferencing tool, is now free for everyone, posing competition to Zoom and skype.

Contact tracing: How to conduct, achieve efficacy in tracking down COVID-19 patients

Chief Administrative Secretary for health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, said on Tuesday that over 12000 testing kits have been send to sample areas as the country prepares for mass testing.

Google Loon internet: how can it help deal with Coronavirus effects?

-Project Loon is a Google invention intended to increase internet coverage in remote areas and boost speed. -Telkom is working in partnership with Google Loon to establish the service in the country. -Loon is expected to allow more Kenyans access materials online including teachers, students, and employees working from home.

How to use virtual technology to keep things running as Coronavirus continues to bite

-Virtual technology is helping ordinary people and employees in different industries maintain a social distance. -Corona virus has cripples businesses and events. -However, preventing the spread of the virus is crucial.

How to detect malicious coronavirus email messages

Reports across the world show that some government-sponsored hackers have been sending malicious attachment to COVID-19 mails, targeting to attack other governments.

How to embed YouTube video using your android phone

Sometimes you may want your readers to see a video that has just drawn your attention, yet you are not in a position to access your PC

South Korea coders develop Coronavirus apps

The developers use data from public government information in designing the applications, and there has been an increase in the number of downloads since they launched the products.