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COVID-19 CUSHION: Equity bank restructures 25% net loan

The lender takes the measure following a loosening of the loan repayment rules by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) last month.

Hotels in Kitale are yet to reopen following government directive

The restrictions included the testing of workers, maintaining social distance of 1.5 metres between seats and avoiding self-service.

Africa Economy: Gaining momentum in oil prices after Covid-19

There has been a ray of hope: a landmark production-cut agreement among OPEC, OPEC+ and G20 stakeholders on April 12 put an end to the oil price war

Co-operative Bank, Kakuzi and BAT allowed to pay dividends

The meeting, according to the ruling, will be subject to compliance with the provisions of the Capital Markets Act and the Regulations.

Kenyan economy set to return back on track

Part of the directive employers and institutions that will be allowed to open is employee screening, and those that will not observe risk closure.

What tenants should do if paying rent is not possible during pandemics

The Housing Cabinet Secretary, with approval from the National Assembly, shall provide measures to caution landlords and tenants.

Facebook expands COVID-19 Information Center to 24 more countries in Africa

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center is featured at the top of News Feed and provides a central place for people to keep informed about the Coronavirus

No Mitumba selling in Kitale: Youth cry foul of idleness, insecurity during COVID-19 pandemic

The government suspended importation of mitumba clothes on March 20, in a move to limit the importation of the coronavirus and boost the local textile industries.