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New KNBS boss Macdonald Obudho intends to embrace new sources of data

The statistics office is at the helm of digitizing data collection to ensure speedy release of reports.

VAELL Group, TCEA inks 100 million deal for sale and leaseback to cushion businesses from corona effects

This financing comes at a time that various institutions and individuals are struggling to withstand the waves of the coronavirus as markets and industries

Quipbank opens branches in Tanzania to meet the growing demand

The new entry will entail strategic partnerships and service diversification through technology to meet the growing demand.

How to easily make money online in Kenya today

Making money online cannot be mentioned without academic writing crossing the mind. A lot of research is done when doing this type of writing. If you like to learn new things and write as you earn money, this online job suits you.

CoopMIS offer SACCOs free-30-days trial internet solution as they adapt to the new normal –COVID-19 cushion

Coretec Solutions Africa is a dynamic market leader in providing capacity development solutions and strategy innovations to professionals and financial institutions.

Go Green Kenya: KFS, Cooperatives move to reclaim Ngong Forest

International Co-operative Alliance Youth Network have been running climate change awareness week from 8th to 14th July, 2020.

Manufacturers call for ease in import regulations amid Covid-19 pandemic

KAM wants imports on intermediate goods and machineries be reviewed where ports of origin have been closed down.

Budget 2020: What digital tax will mean to the Kenyan economy

2020/21 budget presentation introduces Digital Tax for online transactions.