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Kazi Mtaani: One-year success cushioning communities from Covid-19

Amidst the tough times, the Kazi Mtaani hygiene programme launched last year by president Uhuru Kenyatta is significant. It presented an opportunity to rethink a new way of living in slum areas across urban cities in the country.

Looming shortage of manpower over prolonged closure of universities and colleges

With various tertiary institutions already having issued their memo for suspension of face-to-face learning, a majority expressed their disappointment on the directive from the head of state.

Anticipations of president Samia Hassan's government on Covid-19 pandemic fight, unity in Tanzania

Magufuli's reign saw neglect on efforts on the fight against Covid-19, there were minimum protective measures on the fight against the virus with president Magufuli showing no interest in the acquisition of vaccines for its population.

Covid-19 Vaccination: Government assures Kenyans of transparency in administration of the vaccine

The first phase of vaccination of the AstraZeneca vaccines is set to run till the end of June with the target group being health care workers, security personnel and teachers.

International Women Day 2021: Choose to Challenge FGM –First Lady Margaret Kenyatta tells women

A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions –all day, every day.

Shaping future leaders entirely depends on early childhood education

In a bid to create awareness and empower the girl child, the Kakamega county nominated senator Naomi Shiyonga has taken up the initiative to ensure that primary schools within her county and beyond can afford to keep the girls in school trough out the month

School re-opening: Schools still grappling with the new normal standards

According to the Kakamega North sub county director of education Isaac Kipraisi, many schools have opened even when they have not met the standards.