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Five tell signs that he is cheating on you

There are both subtle signs and, at other times, very obvious ones that your spouse is cheating. Therefore, as you go with your gut feeling, it is also helpful to know some of the five tell signs that he is cheating on you.

How to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy

According to science, the female chromosome in the sperm cell is more resilient than the male one. Therefore, having intercourse on the ovulation day gives the male cell, which is faster but vulnerable, enough survival time to reach and fertilize the ovum.

How to make the perfect samosas

You will need a kg of minced meat, crushed ginger, and garlic, six chopped leaky onions, oil, spices of your choice, and salt to taste. If you are a fan of that stinging sensation in your mouth, you dare not miss some chili or black pepper.

How to get rid of belly fat from home

Following a workout routine can be boring, so try to incorporate some workouts as you go about your duties. I like to associate the completion of every chore with a workout. For example, I always do some jumping jacks when dusting the house. After doing the dishes, I do a victory dance, which involves three sets of standing bicycle crunches and two sets

Pain of losing a loved one to cancer
Pain of loosing a loved one to cancer

My nightmares are still there but I no longer consider them so, as I get to see her. I have been told that before a person dies they are usually talkative and jovial but not her, she was in pain. I used to wish that she was still alive but that would have been selfish of me for she was in anguish. Now, I just wish that I had a chance to say goodbye, to tell her how much I love her and hug her one last time.

Kisii women make huge strides with the help of the chama

A typical woman loves to be independent. Everyone loves to be independent.

How to use hand sanitizer properly: dos and don’ts

-The CDC explains that the sanitizer you use should be 60-95% alcohol based for effective killing of germs such viruses. -Do not use a hand sanitizer in place of washing your hands with running water and soap. -Never swallow alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Experts: Face masks can be washed

The ministry of health on Sunday recommended wearing of masks in all public places, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.