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This is a fight against Coronavirus pandemic –not against civilians

The government has put in place a number of measures to contain the spread of the virus –which include reduced passenger number by public service vehicles, urging the public to maintain social distance as well as banning all social gatherings.

Social distancing censured by curfew enforcers –will COVID-19 fight reap

Curfew takes effect in Kenya as police brutally enforce laws to keep civilians at home as fight against Coronavirus intensifies.

Jiggers menace has killed the dream of many children, says charitable activist

Jiggers menace has been a hindrance to many children yearning to acquire education, striking the community illiteracy, through which poverty strikes many families due to lack of jobs.

Weekly review: A look at the power of women in Kenyan media

Lindah Kiyeng is a 27-years-old woman, passionate about media and communication. I own and run a PR firm in Nairobi Kenya.

African languages are as great as foreign ones

When did we get comfortable with the notion that African languages are inferior to foreign languages such as English, French, German, and Spanish? It is a shame. Our local languages are fantastic, and we should be proud.

Dealing with Climate Change: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos knows better from his pocket

The Amazon CEO has committed Sh.1000 billion, an equivalent of $ 10 billion, to fight climate change and its impacts.

What Kenyans said about retired President Daniel Moi’s demise

Moi died at 5.20am in the morning of Monday February 4, 2019. As condolence messages continue to pour in, the internet was filled with rest in peace messages and memories of President Moi’s regime.

How to Accelerate East Africa's Innovation Ecosystem

The fact that we have not been able to have as many successes yet means that there are less mentors.