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Russia set to oversee US presidential elections

The briefs said Russia does not only favor Trump, but also set to raise questions about the integrity of the US elections process.

Uganda holds International Conference on Land

This conference comes after the Government introduced a new National Land Information System (NLIS) with support from the IGN FI/IGN Consortium

Confidential info from Wuhan institute of technology reveals the source of Coronavirus

More 70,000 cases of Coronavirus have been reported, with nations struggling to evacuate their citizens.

SGR project set to receive Shs.146 billion boost from Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank arranges a US$ 1.46 billion financing to fund the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Project in Tanzania

Cameroon war push thousands of refugees to Nigeria

According to a statement by United Nation Refugee Agency, more Cameroonians are expected to come to Nigeria.

Coronavirus death toll shoots to 97 in China as US monitors 200 residents

About 97 people were reported dead-from the virus on Wednesday, increasing the total to 1,113 in mainland China.

Donald Trump acquittal sparks political temperatures as Democrats looks set for new move in 10 months

Political analysis in the country shows that things are not done with politics, despite the victorious win by Republicans in the Wednesday trial.

Floods in Tanzania: About 4000 people displaced by floods

In 2019, the country was hit with floods affecting the livelihoods of residents, destroying houses and properties.