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Follow up on Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Coronavirus infection -other celebrities infected

The couple tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Thursday, after staying in Australia for weeks following their business trip.

Anticipated Churchill Show in South C cancelled

In a press release by the Laugh Industry posted on Facebook , the decision is in line with the government’s directive of banning public events in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why Tom Hanks, wife Rita Wilson coronavirus test is controversial

Hanks and wife are among the world’s high-profile patients to have contracted the virus and following doctor's orders.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinumz
Tanasha,Diamond release new song: several things celebrities need to understand

Tanasha and Diamond have released a new song by the name Gere that depicts their love for each other. in a few hours, the song has almost half a million views on YouTube.

Justin Bieber, Asher Monroe 'melody' war cleared by Laxcity music

Laxcity music also confirms that the sample has been used by many artists, including Korean hip-hop artist YUMDDA, in his song "flight".

Doing it different this Valentine's Day –lesson to Kenyan ladies and wives

Women can as well spoil their men during this special moment by doing simple and affordable things that can make them feel loved.

Hollywood’s renowned actor Kirk Douglas dies at 103

He starred in multiple films in his six-decade career, and the birth of his first son Michael Douglas was the reason he went to Hollywood.