Tobacco industry interference index 2019 report faults legal procedures and government officials over industry interference

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A report released by the Consumer Information Network shows that tobacco industry interference on policy measures on the sector by the government is supported by legal battles and industry interaction with government officials.

The tobacco industry interference index report 2019 released on Thursday states that, the industry uses both overt and covert means to lobby and dissuades government from developing and implementing stringent tobacco control policies that are effective.

Despite having developed policies in accordance with Article 5.3 of the WHO framework convention for tobacco control (FCTC), the government has not fully implemented them owing to the industry interference.

The report now wants the government to fully and effectively implement its obligations as per Article 5.3 of WHO FCTC requirements.

"WHO FCTC urges every government to be alert and informed of every efforts by the tobacco industry to undermine any efforts of regulatory control." read part of the report.

It also called upon tobacco control advocates to step up their watchdog role and ensure no interference on government policy formulation and implementation by the industry.

The report further recommended the government to develop and implement code of conduct, policy procedures showing all stakeholder interaction and a repository available to the public, which can inform them about the sector and regulations.

The report was presented by Samuel J. Ochieng, Chief Executive Officer at Consumer Information Network.

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