Wajir County: Government airlifts food to areas cut by floods

Wajir Governor Abdi Mohamud,  MP Ahmed  and CS Wamalwa
Wajir Governor Abdi Mohamud, MP Ahmed and CS Wam

The government has deployed police helicopter to deliver relief food to more than 8000 families affected by floods in Wajir North constituency.

This is after the road connecting villages and Wajir town was cut and the bridge at Gurar area collapsing, blocking trucks carrying the food and non-food products from accessing the area.

Visiting the area, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, Wajir County Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, and Wajir North MP Hon. Ahmed Abdisalan assessed the area saying it was badly hit by flash floods.

“We saw a lot of devastation, more than 300 buildings including the school have been swept away and the road completely cut off from wajir side connecting moyale,” said Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

Part of the road cut off by flash floods. Image|Courtey

The areas affected include Buna, Ajawa and Gurar town, which have been cut off by the collapsed bridge between at Gurar River.

CS Wamalwa said that trucks carrying relief food have stuck at the bridge for more than six days, forcing the government to airlift the food to the affected areas.

“We have mobilized enough food, though the villages cannot be accessed since they have been cut off by floods. Trucks have stuck at the Kotulo area, where the bridge was cut off from connecting to the interior pars of the villages,” said CS Wamalwa.

He added that it is not only the food which is airlifted, but “also other non-food products including clothes, blankets among others.

Heavy rains experienced in the area have occasioned flash floods which have cut off roads and deserted villages resulting to a number of deaths and lose of properties.

According to Wajir County Director of Education Hussein Osman, four school children died on Tuesday, after drowning in Eldas area.

He also added that as a result of the heavy rains, some examination centers have been moved.

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