East Africa: How Rwanda foot steps are aging Kenya’s giant-economic boast

First african smart phone made in rwanda|Courtesy

Kenya’s economic boast in East Africa could come to an end, should Rwanda’s aging technological changes come to the helm of the region and the entire Africa.

The country’s economy is the largest and the most advanced economy in East and Central Africa, with strong growth prospects supported by an emerging urban middle class and an increasing number high-valued goods manufactured and services.

But this faces a threat owing to the increased cases of corruption in the country, which has derailed some government projects and services, stalling the economy.

First African made Smart Phone

However, Rwanda –Kenya’s sister in the region, seems to be aging out these issues, embracing technology and revamping the economy.

In October 7, President Paul Kagame launched ‘the first African made’ Smart Phone in the Capital, Kigali.

According to KT Press Rwanda, the first “made in Rwanda” phones rolled off the assembly line joining the existing international brands like Samsung, iPhone, Techno and many more.

The phones, manufactured by Mara Phones Ltd, are designed to give users all that they are looking for in a smart phone at an affordable price.


In September 28, the country launched its own satellite, Rwasat-1, in space courtesy of Japan and Tokyo University partnership with government.

According to the the Director-General of Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Nyirishema, Rwanda “did not want to always be consumers, we should also aim to be producers of what we and others need.”

RWASAT-1 was built by a team of five Rwandan engineers (three of them in Japan, and two in Rwanda), with support and supervision from Tokyo University.

Uber for Blood” service provider

Recently, top young local hardware developers have engaged in a competition, which brought together programmers, designers and entrepreneurs, to intensively develop prototypes within three days.

Rwanda has also been selected as the host of continental drone forum and global flying competitions slated for February 2020, following Uber global accolade as the “Uber for Blood” service provider country.

This is after President Kagame launched first drone in October 2016 – marking the country’s new means of transportation and delivery of emergency medical supplies to remote areas.

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