What it takes for a woman to physically abuse her man

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There are things you hear about from news stories. Unless you experience or see them first hand, they may not carry much weight. Last weekend, a wife stubbed her husband near my neighborhood. Of course, people gathered around the scene conveying their views about the incident in small groups.

One thing that caught my attention was a group of women who were ridiculing the woman. Yes, what she did was wrong but unless people understand why she did it, it is easy to judge her and say she is a merciless, heartless person.

The women were heard stating that the man meets every need of his family where he pays school fees, covers rent, and buys food and yet the woman had the courage to attack him with a knife landing him in Kenyatta Hospital.

The wife in question was once my neighbor and before they moved into another house, she would confide in me about the habits of the man saying he was an alcoholic and would clobber her sometimes when drunk. The other accusation was that her husband was cheating on her and several people knew about it. The women who were ridiculing her did not know any of these things but they were quick to judge her.

It is possible that a man provides everything for his family but does heinous things, which make the wife take action that may cause him bodily harm. Yes, violence does not solve domestic problems but sometimes people snap and do things rashly without thinking about the consequences.

Gone are days when women were the only victims of domestic violence. Today, some women physically abuse their partners whether it is for comprehensible reasons or not. The bottom line is that assaulting your partner is bad, but when you see a woman physically attacking her man, do not be fast to judge. There are things someone can do to you that make too angry and end up harming your significant other.


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