Vera Sidika lash at Huddah with a whooping Sh.520,000 designer bag

Vera sidika
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Socialite Vera Sidika has lashed at her envious Hudda, ex-boyfriend Yohmy Jones, socialite Bridget Achieng and Tanzanian socialite Lady Kaygee, saying they have a reason enough to be jealous of her.

Vera shared her shopping list while in United Kingdom which included a designer bag worth Sh 520,000, saying that if she was one of her haters, she could go on hating herself.

‘’My Chanel bag cost me £3,990 – $5,200 Ksh 520,00 10 Million Tanzania shillings, about 1.8 Million Naira – and ul come and tell me some girls r hating. Why won’t they? I’d hate on me too if I were them.’’ She wrote.

This message was directed to none other than three people, including Huddah, her ex-boyfriend Yohmy Johns.

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Recently, Yohmy was spotted getting cozy with Bridget during her birthday after a rumour that was doing around social sites that he was sleeping with Lady Kaygee.

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