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Airtel Money is a mobile money transfer which supports Kenya’s 24 hour mobile commerce service that allows customers to; transfer money from their mobile phones to another mobile phone recipient, to up their mobile phone with airtime or another customer’s mobile phone, to access and manage their bank account (Check bank balances, send money from their phone to their bank).

Using Airtel money, one can pay for goods & Services using the Till number displayed by the merchant for the transaction, after which, you receive an SMS confirming a successful transaction.

To buy goods using Airtel Money dial *222#, select Lipa na Airtel Money then select Buy goods and Services.But how can a business, institution or an individual get airtel money pay bill numbers?Here are the requirements Pay bill numbers offered by Airtel Money.

Sole proprietor For a single business owner, one will need the following requiremnts;

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1. Duly filled and signed application form &Terms and conditions

2. Signed Tariff Guide

3. Copy of Business Registration/or Business Permit

4. Individual or company KRA Pin (Not Mandatory)

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5. Copy of Identification Documents of Persons Opening the account i.e. Copy of theNational ID/ Military Service Number (Passport/Alien Certificate for Foreign Nationals).

6. Copy of Utility Bill or Business Photo to confirm existence of the Business

7. Cancelled cheque or letter from Bank confirming Bank details

Short term playbills requirements

To access the Paybill number, the purpose of the service will require documents (certified copies).

The purpose can be Medical fundraising, School, Church, Catastrophe, Charity, Funeral and Personal fundraising, and the following should be provided;

1. Duly filled and signed Pay Bill Application form &Terms and conditions stating purpose and duration.

2. Signed Tariff Guide

3. Certified ID and PIN Certificate of the applicant.

4. Certified supporting documents from the institution serving the purpose.

5. Certified letter stating the settlement account details

6. If applying on behalf of the beneficiary;

a. If a minor: the parents/guardian of the child should apply and the child’s birth certificate attached

b. If the person is incapacitated: certified copies of IDs & PIN Certificates for both parties will be required

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