EPRA: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder sellers have six month to comply with new regulations

Gas Cylinders. Photo|Courtesy

Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has issued a six month ultimatum to Companies, transporters, retailers and the general public to adhere to the new regulations from the gazette notice L.N 100 of 2019.

In a public notice published in the dailies, EPRA has given all the stakeholders a transition period until 31 December, 2019.

The notice states that, the transition period will allow retailers to stock and sell cylinders with written authorization of the brand owner, failure to which a fine of Ksh. 10 million will be attracted.

It further states that companies should refill and rebrand cylinders based on the same regulations, with the same penalties applied if compliance is not exercised.

During the period, companies and retailers should apply for and obtain licenses for operation.

Stakeholders should also ensure that any retail LPG license enforcement with regard to L.N. 100 of 2019 shall be guided by the authority at the expiry of the transition period.

The sale of LPG cylinders in the country has been rife with many companies, retailers and consumers venturing into the market without guided regulations.





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