Regional leasing firm become 2019 executive car leasing award winner

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The regional leasing firm, Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL), has been named as the outstanding executive car leasing provider of the year in the Annual National Road Safety Awards 2019 held at the Weston Hotel Nairobi. 

This brings the awards the company has scooped in half a decade to 18. The winners were competitively chosen through a thorough 5 months survey that started in November 2018 and ended in May this year. 

The firm’s Managing Director for Kenya, Bertha Mvati, said that the lessor won the award because of its various innovations to heighten road safety through several motorists training and public awareness. 

“We have collaborated with several stakeholders to ensure that our roads are safe all the time. It is our priority that everyone arrives safe and alive. We encourage our drivers to be always sober while on the road.” said Bertha Mvati.

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“We were recognized as the outstanding executive lessors owing to our diligence in road safety. Our efficient services that promote road safety together with compliance to set safety standards are other supplementary contributors such as comprehensive insurance and replacement policy. As far as safety is concerned we don’t compromise. We follow the laid down procedures to the letter respective of the cost,” she added. 

“Most vehicles on our roads are road-unworthy. That is another major cause of accidents that we can avoid if every road user will take care of their car as recommended. We always ensure that our fleet is maintained by respective dealers and we also have our own competent clutch of mechanics that carries inspections and does the necessary maintenances and repairs to avoid casualties,” said Ms. Mvati.

Speaking during the event, the guest of honour the deputy President of Kenya, H.E. Dr William Ruto applauded the stakeholders who are playing a role in enhancing road safety. 

“Everyone is bound to ensure safety on our roads. Awareness education and information, including driving standards, licencing and vehicle inspection are crucial for road users’ safety. When our roads used to have potholes people used to say that there we road accidents were there because the roads were too bad and now that the roads are too good without potholes the road accidents have increased. We urge to exercise caution while on the roads,” said Dr Ruto. 

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Road safety

According to recent reports, road safety in Kenya is a major concern and many lives have been lost on the roads. 

In this regard, the annual safety Awards are meant to recognize and celebrate the inspirational and innovative initiatives in Kenya and the region which contribute to improving road safety and saving lives on our roads. 

This is the first time VAELL rose to the top leading other players in the sector and emerging the winner with outstanding credentials.

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