Kenyans on social media lash at Chipukeezy over show delay

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Churchill show comedian was yesterday faulted by social media fans over delays of a show he had staged at Alliance gardens in Nairobi.

The show turned out to be full of complaints after the comedian wrote on his social media, ‘’Funny truth officially sold out… Starting in a few.. I thank you all for coming.’’

Fans who had been waiting for the comedian ranged complains right away from poor sound systems, poor planning, poor time management that led to the comedian hitting the stage hours late.

p_ndoch wrote, 'Your show was poorly planned. It started 2 hours late and sound quality was poor. I was very disappointed.'

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[email protected] said...'great show. I laughed a lot. Next time the event should be in a venue where we can be accommodated properly.'

essy_sarange added, 'U need to improve n ur planning team....I believe there's always room for improvement #funnytruth3.'

stella_mundia wrote, 'So you leave work in a hurry on a Friday, rush home to freshen up and get ready for your favourite Kenyan comedian's show. You have been a fan since day ONE. You get to the venue, and guess what? A RUDE guard pushes you away from the entrance and barricades the door.'

This comments made the show dull as the comedian was overwhelmed by the complaints.

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