'Kabambe or Mulika Mwizi' -All to access WhatsApp thanks to Nokia 8110 remake

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Ever thought of how you can easily share pictures, documents or video call your friends and/ or relatives who doesn't own a smart/android phone?

This dream can come true especially in developing economy like Kenyas', where majority of people will opt for 'Kabambe' over affordability and battery life factors.

Nokia 8110 phone was and is still a device desired by many, over a battery life that can last upto 25 days.

The device remake in 2018 saw it use KaiOS, an operating system which supports both calling and messaging, and includes end-to-end encryption similar to Android and iOS.

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To get the App, the user should visit the KaiStore, with a RAM of about 256-512 MBs. 

According to the Verge news, the App will be preinstalled to select devices starting third quarter of 2019.

Watsapp migration to KaiOS devices started in September last year, when the app came to JioPhone handsets.

The App was later introduced to Nokia 8110 back in April, but only in India, and now it will mark the first time it is available in a broader worldwide release. 

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The app is available for a total of seven KaiOS devices, which includes the Cat B35, Doro 7060, JioPhone (Reliance Jio), JioPhone 2 (Reliance Jio), MTN Smart, Nokia 8110 (HMD Global), and the Orange Sanza.

Verge News adds that in developing nations, these phones’ low-cost, simplicity, and long battery life are much more essential, bearing in mind that WhatsApp is a near-essential communications service, users won’t be cut out from it if they don’t own a smartphone.

KaiOS is a lightweight operating system that is currently available on a small number of feature phones. 

The operating system started its life as a fork of Firefox OS after Firefox gave up on the idea of a phone OS. 

The operating system has since attracted investment from Google, and voice-typing powered by Google Assistant arrived on the platform earlier this year.

Source: The Verge

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