Australian court rule on Esther Arunga case over son's death

Esther Arunga evades jail term

Former television presenter Esther Arunga has been sentence to 10months in prison but immediately released on parole.

Arunga was convicted of being an accessory to manslaughter after the fact in her son’s case.

Parole is a legal term that refers to a person being released from prison subject to specific conditions. During a parole period, an offender can serve the remaining time of their prison sentence in the community, subject to conditions.

Brisbane Supreme Court had been told how Arunga misled the police after her three-year old son died in June 2014. She called the emergency services saying that Sinclair had fallen down the stairs.

The court was also told how her husband Quincy Timberlake grabbed a Bible and told the doctors that there was a ‘devil’ in his son’s stomach.

After 26days, Arunga changed her story and told the investigating officers that Timberlake had punched their son in the stomach.

Brisbane Times reported that Quincy admitted himself to Prince Charles Mental Hospital on July 3, 2014 but a week later, he was made an involuntary patient. On September 3, 2014 he was arrested and charged with murder.

A week later, Arunga was charged with being an accessory after the fact to the manslaughter of their son Sinclair. She was released on bail and shortly after changed her name to Chryslertte Provydence Timberlake.

It is clear whether Quincy is still at the mental facility or in police custody. 

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