Dealing with hopelessness: What to do when things go sideways

Dealing with hopelessness

Everyone has a plan for his or her life. For some people they want to finish school and get jobs or start their own businesses. However, sometimes creating employment opportunities can be challenging when you do not have the resources, which include money.

At some point, you may find yourself struggling to make ends meet. You are good at something but somehow those job interviews you have attended have not been fruitful yet.

Perhaps you are trying so much to have an establishment of your own but it is not working, it is strenuous, or it is just taking too long for success to manifest.

As a young woman, you wanted to have a career before starting a family. However, when the baby comes first before getting a stable job, taking care of your child becomes one of your priorities, which is a good thing. At this point, you have to figure out how to balance work and personal life as a working mother.

It can be difficult coping with the fact that things have not worked out, as you wanted. You find yourself feeling low, comparing yourself to your friends and colleagues who are doing well, and engaging in a lot of self-pity. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and as if the world is against you.

What do you do when things do not go as you expected?

When your plan does not materialize, it is okay to feel disappointed, and frustrated. However, what you do with the situation is what matters. You have to choose between your flee and flight instincts. Since you want to succeed, you have to fight.

Keep going even when you are making baby steps, as long as you are progressing but be ambitious too. Remember to focus on the positive things in your life even when it seems like nothing good is happening in your life. Begin with the fact that you are alive and are determined to succeed. That is a start.

Nonetheless, if hopelessness has already set in, do not allow it to take control of you. You are in charge. Surround yourself with people who can uplift you. This is the time to be careful about the friends you hang around with. Choose those who will encourage you instead of pushing you into irresponsible behavior such as excessive drinking to drown your sorrows.

Life can be challenging, frustrating, and overwhelming. Hope keeps you going. When you feel like giving up, fight for your dreams. It might not be easy but fighting is worth it. Let your experiences and challenges teach you the value of hard work and perseverance. You never know how tomorrow will turn out. That should be your hope.

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