What to do while stressed: Mechanisms that can lead to self healing cum relaxation

Dealing with stress

We all experience stress at some point in life whether it is mild or severe. When something, an event or a person stresses you, your mind responds in two ways. It tells you to either fight or flee. Different circumstances call for different responses. It is essential to find something that reduces the stress you are facing or eliminates it altogether.

Stress is a feeling you get when you experience something overwhelming or you find it difficult to cope and therefore get off balance. The good news is that nothing is permanent no matter how enormous your situation is. Now, what do you do when stressed? What is your coping mechanism when you are under pressure?

There are those of us who cry to relieve stress. When at work, you lock yourself in the office or go the washroom and let go. Crying does not mean you are weak. Those tears are the best way you can express what you are feeling and no one has the right to judge you. It is normal, it is healthy, and if it helps then cry.

Some people find it calming to write down their thoughts. You get a notebook and start jotting what comes to mind. Your writing may not have a good flow, but it assists you say what is in your heart. It can be helpful when you are in public and you do not want people to see you breaking down.

Another way to take your mind off things is to get outdoors, go for a walk and even meet people. This way, you shift your focus from what your mind is pondering to something else. Getting out helps a lot, for example, when you engage in an intense argument and no party is calming down. It somehow prevents things from escalating.

You will find some people binge watching or eating a lot because of stressful experiences. When you are home and all you can think about are your financial problems or an altercation you had with an employee or your boss, watching movies is an escape.

Go for the comedy genre. Laugh as loud as you can and be happy even if it is for a short while. If you find comfort in eating, then do so. Make sure that you eat healthy foods though. If it is junk, do not eat much unless you are ready to work on shedding the extra weight you will gain.

Have you ever come across a friend, colleague, or stranger talking to himself or herself? Have you done this too? Do not be surprised. It happens and you should not be embarrassed about it. However, do not overdo it. Sometimes you do not need another human being to listen to you. Some individuals are terrible listeners; they keep interrupting you and try to counter your arguments yet you do not want them to do that.

Life can be stressful but there is always something you can do to relax. Do not be too hard on yourself. No one has it easy in life. That is how fair life is. 

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