Quick look at Mohammed Juma Njuguna's life –pioneer sports commentator in Kenya

Mohammed Juma Njuguna
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Renown sports commentator and pioneer Mohammed Juma Njuguna has died.

Report from Citizen digital shows that the legendary presenter passed away Saturday morning at the Nairobi Hospital, after suffering for a long time.

Mohammed Juma started his sports career in 1970s, working with BBC radio and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, then VOK.

He was amongest the youngest African presenters at BBC.

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A young football commentator Mohammed Juma Njuguna at work in the BBC’s London studios in the 1970s. PHOTO|NATION

He later joined Royal media services sports commentation desk in 1999.

While at KBC, Mohammed worked as a sports journalist before becoming an editor and presenter.

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The veteran joined other sports commentation pioneers of the 1950s and 60s, including Ali Salim Manga, Stephen Kikumu, Salim Juma, Leonard Mambo, among others in holding captives 'sports lovers'.

He also pioneered the English Premier League commentary in Kenya.

In 2010, Mohammed Juma was awarded with a Head of State Commendation by retired President Mwai Kibaki, following his efforts in media reporting.

Until his demise, Juma was working as a content producer at Radio Citizen, since 2016.

Mohammed leaves the industry with over 40 years of experience in sports commentation.

The standard digital report that Mohammed Juma Njuguna's body will be buried at Kariokor Muslim Cemetery at 4pm today.

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