How to look good after giving birth

Mother and child

I have been around women listening to their tales about life after giving birth. They talk about how their bodies change. I mean carrying a baby for nine months, going through labor, and finally carrying your newborn in your arms takes a toll on you but it is worth the price.

Some gossip about their friends and neighbors who have emaciated, gained weight, remained as they were before pregnancy, and those who have lost the baby fat completely. All this is about the appearance of a woman after childbirth. It raises the question, is it possible to look attractive after having a baby?

The answer is yes. It all depends on your perception about life. We have seen celebrities bounce back looking like ‘snacks’ after delivering their little angels. It is okay to associate their excellent looks to them having proper healthcare, nannies, and money. Well, it is possible to look fantastic even when you do not have such privileges. Be contented with what you own and make it work for you.

When you tell your mind that after your baby, you do not have time for yourself that is exactly what will happen. It is understandable that you now have a little being that relies on you to do everything for him from feeding, diaper changes, to soothing him to sleep not forgetting the wailing and staying awake all night. You are busy taking care of you precious baby but set aside time for yourself. Otherwise, you will wear yourself out and forget about your looks.

For example, take a shower, apply lotion or whichever skin care product you use. Find products with fantastic scents. Make your hair and apply lip balm or Vaseline. These basic things will make sure you appealing. If you get the time, apply some makeup and put on clothes that flatter you. Doing all these go a long way in making you feel good about yourself and it reminds you that appearing fantastic has to be a priority.

When it comes to chores, avoid multi-tasking. Tackle one task at a time to prevent overwhelming yourself, which can cause accidents such as spills and burnt food. When your baby sleeps, take time to rest instead of attending to chores you have not done yet. Be gentle on yourself. However, it does not mean you should be lazy. High levels of hygiene are essential when raising a newborn. 

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