On Governor Mike Sonko’s relationship, marriage advice: Saying sorry is not enough


Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko posted a message on Facebook advising those in relationships and marriages. He reiterated the importance of apologizing in case one wrong’s his is her significant other. Well, saying sorry is a start but it is not enough.

He said, "When you wrong her say babes am sorry; when you stay out late say babes am sorry; is she finds text messages from your mpango wa kando on your phone say babes am sorry; if she finds you with another woman/man say babes I love you and am sorry."

Some mistakes in life are hard to forgive just because someone said sorry. One of them is cheating. Sonko tells men to say sorry to their women in case she finds messages between him and his mpango wa kando on his phone. 

The first thing to know about wronging someone in such a manner is that you lose his or her trust. If she trusted you 99.99 percent, that percentage drops drastically even to zero after cheating. A man sleeping with another woman and saying sorry does not work like magic. It is the same case when a woman does it. It takes time to heal.

If you are lucky, your partner will build the trust back and forgive. Otherwise, all you will get is a break up or divorce. 

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