Looming scandal at CBC training as Magoha, Macharia dare Sossion to bring valid issues on table

TSC CEO Nancy Machar
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The Competency Based Curriculum training launched on Tuesday by Education CS George Magoha experienced some hurdles as the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) called for boycott among its members.

Reports of some members failing to attend the training in some parts of the country have ensued battle between Knut officials and teachers employer cum education ministry.

Speaking during the launch at Uhuru Gardens Primary School in Nairobi, Magoha dared Knut chair Wilson Sossion to bring valid and constructive ideas to address the challenge.

"If you have constructive ideas on how to address the challenges we have, please do so. But don’t waste time opposing us. Kenya has some of the best teachers in the world. If you go round schools, you realise children are being taught. You can choose to see it or close your eyes,” Magoha said.

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An ensued scandal was also reported at some parts of the country with training officials demanding money from the teachers.

“We have received reports that some of our officers are asking teachers for Sh1,000 each to attend the training. This is criminal and those doing it will be disciplined. The government has released Sh500 million to cater for teachers’ meals, transport and accommodation,” Said Nancy Macharia, Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer.

Magoha added that the government has invested heavily in CBC targeting about 91,320 teachers.

“When I decide to do something, I do it and have never failed. Let us stop wasting time talking. The CBC train left the station in January; there's no going back. We'll not fail under my leadership,” he said.

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Earlier, Knut had asked their members to boycott the four-day training terming it illegal.

“The law requires an exercise of such magnitude must have guidelines and a gazetted commission to anchor the entire process. Besides, the due process of reforming the content of the curriculum was never followed to the letter, hence making the exercise illegal,” Knut secretary general Wilson Sossion had said.

However, teachers in most parts of the country defied Sossion's order and turned up for the training.

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