Reprieve for Donald Trump as Mueller report kick obstruction question to Congress

Trump-Mueller split
Photo by Washington Post
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US President Donald Trump could now smile following Robert Mueller Report that was released on Thursday.

According to the findings of the report, the question of obstruction law, which was giving the president sleepless nights, is now in the hands of the Congress to determine its answers.

CCN reports that despite the Robert Mueller led investigations report finding Trump with near obstruction of law, it has done nothing, adding that it ought to have filed a suit against him (Trump), to avoid instances of walking out clean.

Trump legal team had prepared rebuttal against any allegation leveled against the president.

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Here are Mueller's key findings, as reported by the Washington Post.

-Mueller rejects the argument that the president is shielded from obstruction laws.

-Trump, when told of appointment of special counsel Mueller, said: “This is the end of my presidency.”

-“Substantial evidence” supports Comey over Trump in account of Flynn meeting.

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-Trump campaign attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s private emails.

-Campaign expected to benefit from stolen information released by the Russians.

-Mueller probe spawned 14 other investigations, including two unidentified cases that remain ongoing.

-Putin stepped up outreach to Trump after election.

-Special counsel team concluded Trump intended to obstruct probe in tweeting support for Manafort.

-Mueller appears to kick obstruction question to Congress.

Attorney General William P. Barr, in an early press conference, had promised to let leaders of congressional committees and one staffer each review a largely unredacted copy of the Mueller report.

However, congressional investigators and the Democrats have termed Barr's move as a “non-starter,” insisting on seeing “the full report and the underlying evidence, including grand jury material.”

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