We don't have to wait till 31 October for Brexit to effect, says Theresa May

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UK Prime Minister has said that the Brexit extension period to October 31 does not mean that UK will have to wait to leave EU, but can do so earlier should the MPs pass her withdrawal deal.

This comes after the European Union agreed on the Brexit extension "only as long as necessary" and "no longer than 31 October".

BBC News report that, the extension will allow for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting in Brussels, May regretted that she has not reached out to parliament in persuasion to approve the exit deal.

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"I know that there is huge frustration from many people that I had to request this extension," she said. The UK should have left the EU by now and I sincerely regret the fact that I have not yet been able to persuade Parliament to approve a deal." said May.

The PM urged all politicians to exercise democratic decision in delivering Brexit and move the country forward.

"We have a duty as politicians to find a way to fulfil the democratic decision of the referendum, deliver Brexit and move our country forward." said the PM.

She added that the UK "will continue to hold full membership rights and obligations of the EU" during the delay.

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Among the conditions agreed upon for the delay include, UK participation in European Parliament election to he held in May, or leave as early as June 1.

"There will probably be a European election in the UK - that might seem a bit odd, but rules are rules and we must respect European law and then we will see what happens." said Jean-Claude Junker, EU Commission President.

EU Council also reiterated that there can be no reopening of the withdrawal agreement negotiations by October 31.

Source: BBC News

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