Jubilee party unity reflects national unity, says DP William Ruto

DP William Ruto
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Deputy President William Ruto has told off Jubilee critiques that the party is still united and reflects national unity.
Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday, Ruto scold the opposition for sticking to what he called 'community parties' which divides the country on ethnic lines.
"Those in NASA should not be going back to their parties if they are serious about national politics." said the DP.
On plotted division by some members, the Deputy President said 'there is just a small section of NASA sympathizers' who came from ODM.
"Jubilee is a United party. There is a small section of people 'kitaeleweka or something' hanging out with NASA. That is all that is there." he said.
Asked if he intends to revive his URP party as depicted by some youth in Kiambu last month waring yellow T-shirts and chanting his name, the DP said he has no another plan, even if he does not become Jubilee flag bearer.
"For us in Jubilee, there is no plan B. Even if I don't become Jubilee flag bearer, I will always stand with the party." said Ruto.
Ruto dismissed claims that he does not support the 'handshake' spirit initiated by President Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga.
He said that the handshake was for the good of unity of the country and 'to an extend it has worked'.
"We no longer see street riots and demonstrations. At least businesses are running smoothly." added the DP.
On matters corruption, the DP said "I do not believe that corruption can stop a leader from delivering in Kenya."
He added that he has confidence in all government institutions and believes the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) will conclude the investigations to the Arror and Kamwarer dam saga soon.
"I have confidence in all government institutions... I am very interested in what he (DCI) says contrary to the fact that I know about the dams.
In response to why he always comment against graft war, the Deputy President said "I just correct false narratives in media."
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