Ipsos bans political polls in Kenya, Tom Wolf leaves

Tom Wolf

Ipsos management in Paris has banned political surveys in Kenya.

In a statement to media houses, Tom Wolf who is a research analyst at the firm, revealed that Ipsos leadership in France decided that its Kenyan subsidiary, Ipsos-Kenya should not include political survey results in its public releases.

Ipsos has been under fire for releasing polls in favor of the government, claims he refuted all the time.

He has said, “As far as I know, there has been no Kenya government interference which has led to this decision… on the basis of this decision, it was judged that my position as a research analyst has become redundant…I was therefore given notice on March 31, 2019. I am thus no longer associated with Ipsos.”

However, Wolf stated that he is not leaving the country even after his dismissal.

“I have no intention of leaving Kenya. I will be exploring other opportunities here, where my knowledge and skills can contribute to the county’s development.”

Ipsos has its headquarters in Paris, France with branches all over the world, 13 in Africa. 

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