Blow to Kenyan academic writers as PayPal stops processing payment

It is a huge shock to many Kenyans who write academic papers for students abroad after PayPal stopped processing their funds. This comes after complaints from universities that essay writing companies offering academic writing services were encouraging cheating among students.

Early this week, PayPal announced that it was working with entities linked to essay writing services to ensure its payment platform is not used to promote fraud in the education sector. PayPal letter released a notice to the essay writing establishments telling them to take their business somewhere else.

Britain raised concerns about academic writing firms in March 2019. This led to the British Education Secretary Damian Dinds asking PayPal to stop processing money from such firms. Over 40 vice chancellors in 2018 wrote to Hinds asking for the banning of writing websites.

One British newspaper in March published that Kenya was at the core of the academic writing services. A huge amount of money is sent to Kenyan writers who make a living writing papers for foreign students. 

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