Live life: Perfectionists make mistakes too

Failure in life

Human psychology says that people have different personalities. For example, some individuals are extroverts, introverts, or narcissistic. That said, a person’s personality determines how he or she leads his or her life.

Yes, life can be challenging causing pressure on individuals to achieve more and make the right choices. However, that is not always the case. Life is not a straight line. Many things at play influence the actions you take.

For that reason, it is important to live your life and loosen up a bit. Sometimes things do not happen as we wish they would. It is unfair to punish yourself with thoughts and queries you will never get answers for. Even perfections fail and make mistakes.

A perfectionist is a person who is attentive to detail. It is a good personality but it comes with its weaknesses just like other personalities. Such an individual works hard to ensure everything in his or her life works out as planned. In case of failure, this person takes time to review possible reasons for failing.

It is excellent to have goals and work hard to achieve them. It is okay to have plans and follow through. However, expect obstacles along the way. Do not be too tight in life that you cannot handle making a mistake or not succeeding. Life is not a machine that you can program and make it perform as per the commands.

Stop being too hard on yourself. Failure is part of life and success does not happen overnight. In case you make a choice that lands you in a bad place, learn from it and move on. It is not easy but it is doable.

When you want everything to be perfect in life, things can go south in case of disappointment. Live life, handle your failures, dust yourself, rise up, and start over. It is more helpful than blaming yourself or others and wallowing in stress. 

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