Relationship struggles: Lies he tells to keep you

Lies he tells to keep you

Being in a relationship whether you are dating or in a marriage comes with its share of ups and downs. Things are not always smooth.

There is nothing like a perfect relationship even for those celebrities who post their couple goals on social media to make you jealous. Elderly couples in their 70s, 80s, and 90s who still love each other have had misunderstandings.

Speaking from a woman’s perspective, there comes a time when your man hurts you.

Perhaps, he lied to you, betrayed you, or disappointed you in whichever way. Sometimes it gets so bad that all you want to do is leave and start over.

Leaving is not easy especially when you truly love him. Besides, he will do everything he can to keep you if he still wants you in his life. Here are lies a man will tell you to keep you.

a) I will kill myself if you leave

You will hear a man say how important you are in his life that he cannot live without you or let another man have you. He tells you he wants to commit suicide and that makes you feel guilty. If you have a faint heart, you will fall for the trick, but most of the time he would be lying just to win your heart.

b) You are the only one I have ever loved for real

He has probably used this phrase on women before you. Of course, he has loved other women, for example, his first love. No one takes the place of your first lover but you get over it and move on in life. In a kind manner, let him know that there are many women out there that he can love and tell the same thing.

c) I will never love or marry again

This lie has the same effect as “I will kill myself”. It intends to make you feel guilty for his miserable life later. You have heard of the statement that men get over women faster than women get over men. He will love and marry again.

Do not get trapped especially if he has done unspeakable things that have hurt your soul. Move on woman. You deserve happiness; therefore, do not stick in an unhappy relationship or marriage for the rest of your life. He failing to love or marry again is on him not you.

d) I will ruin your life

Now, this is so pathetic. It portrays a desperate, weak man using threats to hurt another human being. Perhaps he is serious about ruining your life. That is a sign of a mental problem.

Threatening to ruin someone else’s life when it is you on the wrong is selfish and disrespectful. A gentle man is honest and apologetic if he has wronged you and uses humane tactics to win you heart back.

e) You will never get somebody as good as me

Now, this is the low of all lows. I mean, is he God to tell you what will happen in your future. He does not know if he will be breathing tomorrow and he has the audacity to tell you that you will never find another man as good as him? For starters, no man is like the other. Everyone has is unique with varying strengths and weaknesses.

True love is kind and patient but not foolish. There is no way a person keeps hurting you and you keep forgiving him repeatedly. It is okay to forgive but wrong to trust even when it is clear that your man is not treating you right. It is time to move on and live a stress-free life. Do not fall for any of the lies we have discussed especially when he is too much to handle.

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