What do when all cameras goes off during your wedding

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A wedding is a very important rite of passage in ones life, a moment that you'll expect to cloak all memories of your life.

But neither you or me thinks that this memories can be shuttered by technology. Yes, indeed they can. Have you ever imagined technology can fail?

Cameras can fail to record the whole event and this surely is a problem many don't imagine of.

The events surrounding the wedding, including the walk down the aisle, one first kiss, one bouquet, one cake, one set of speeches among others, will never be live to a couple unless recorded.

Reports have proved that most couples won’t even notice something small going wrong on the day.

All this events needs to be recorded in every detail from the start to the end of the wedding ceremony.

But what if the camera 'dies' with all the recordings after the wedding? Here are a few things you need to do.


Couples needs to refresh their dating moments in order to keep the memories fresh.


Events surrounding the planning of the wedding needs to be put in place once again. This will give couple a fresh memory of the events.


The partners should recall back their parents, family, relatives, priest, flower girls and all best men and ladies to refresh this enticing moment. I know it will sound awkward but this is what it means, you have to carry on the wedding again.

This is just simple and easiest way to recover all the photos and recording of your wedding.

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