Raising a child in your early 20’s

Women become mothers at different times of their lives. Some get children while in high school, colleges and universities, or after school. Is having children in your early twenties beneficial?

The world has done a great job empowering the girl child. They are told to get an education and secure a job before getting babies, which is great advice. However, that is not the reality for many women. Some are in their early twenties and having kids before getting jobs.

There are people who think having a kid from 20-25yearsof age is not worthwhile. Well, that is not always the case. For instance, a woman gives birth at 21 before having a strong career base. She raises her baby as she searches for a job or ventures into self-employment she is just starting her career journey.

As her child grows older, she continues to grow in her career. She will not be pressurized about having kids. Such a woman has an easier time focusing on other aspects of her life. She will not need a break as soon as her peers in their late 20s who have no kids yet.

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