Rwanda launches satellite

Rwanda Satellite
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Rwanda’s Ministry of ICT and Innovation in liaison with a UK based company OneWeb has launched its very first satellite to provide schools in remote areas with internet access. Six satellites on one rocket were sent into low earth orbit on the Atlantic coast of French Guiana at 23:38 on February 27, 2019.

Students from Groupe Scolaire St Pierre Nkombo located on Nkombo Island gave the satellite the name Icyerekezo and they will be the first to benefit from the connectivity.

With the satellite launch, which is less expensive than installing fiber network, all schools in Rwanda will have internet connection to foster learning activities.

The satellite is not for education purposes only but also for other aspects of governance that ensure every citizen gets the service they deserve.

Rwanda intends to launch other satellites with the Japanese government. The country has st the pace for other East African countries to follow suit an invest in innovation and technology for development.

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