Why Al-Shaabab keeps infiltrating Kenyan youths

Victims saved from Dusit D2 attack
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When young Kenyans turn to terrorism, we should ask ourselves several questions.

First, what is happening in our society? Why are people turning their backs on their homeland? Is there something we can do to change the situation at hand? 

We cannot get answers to such concerns unless we know the root cause of the evil we encounter, which is why does Al-Shabaab keep infiltrating Kenyan youths? 

The DusitD2 terror attack claimed 21 lives. We have watched parents, siblings, friends, families, and colleagues mourn the sudden death of their loved ones because of terror. 

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The following could form possible reasons why terrorists are taking advantage of youths in Kenya. 


Youths are energetic, ambitious, and courageous. The problem arises when they use their energy, ambition, and courage for the wrong things. 

One of the reasons that may cause youths to join Al-Shabaab is poverty. We live in a country where the rich keep amassing wealth while the poor suffer. 

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The economy is terrible. People are struggling to feed their families. There are no sufficient jobs for the growing population. Such a scenario places Kenyan youths in a vulnerable situation. Some may join terrorists out of desperation.


Imagine a young person finishing school. He or she searches for a job year after year in vain. Companies depend on networking to hire employees. Some of them run on nepotism, bribery, and 'who do you know' mentality. 

A lady or gentleman works hard to make things work, but all the struggles turns in vain. Eventually he or she gives up because there are no job opportunities for him or her. 

Hopelessness can push a person to do anything to survive and most of the time, it is usually a bad thing.

Desire for a good life without working for it

It is true that some youths are lazy. They eye for white-collar jobs without trying other options. They fear struggling to get money. All they want is a well-paying job, a good house, and a loaded bank account. 

Let's get real. Only few people in the country are lucky to live such a lifestyle. Unless you are born into wealth, there is a high probability that you will struggle like everybody else. If someone is not careful, he may get involved in crime to accomplish his desires.

Bottom line

It is time the government did something about the Kenyan job market. Many students are graduating yet we are not creating more jobs for the increasing number of graduates.

We have focused so much on education that we have forgotten to create companies and businesses to hire graduates. Youths should be creative.

Do something about your joblessness before asking the government and institutions for help.

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