German: Melania Trump miss Friday's spouse come-together during G20 summit

Melania Trump
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United States first lady Melania Trump has missed out on today's(Friday) spouse come-together schedule, following the chaotic protests against the G20 summit.

Mrs. Trump and other G20 first-ladies were scheduled to meet for a boat ride, lunch and a tour of a climate control centre, while the summit goes on.

According to media reports, she was unable to leave her residence in Hamburg, which forced her to miss a trip scheduled together with fellow spouses.

Protests erupted on Thursday against the summit, with a number of activists clashing with police officers.

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Mrs. Trump, through her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, hoped for the safety of other spouses as the police tried to clear her way out.

About 159 police officers were injured in the demonstration as they arrested 45 protesters.

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