Revealed: Benefits accrued to Raila Odinga's whopping salary as AU envoy

Raila Odinga
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ODM leader Raila Odinga was on Friday named the AU's High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa, and much has been said about the former Premier 's new post. 

On Sunday, a group of MP's allied to Deputy President William Ruto called upon Mr. Odinga to leave behind his ambitions in Kenyas politics and focus on the new role, to pave way for Ruto in 2022. 

On the other hand, Monday papers have linked the move by the AU commission to President Uhuru's accord with Raila, which dates back to March this year, popularly known as the 'handshake'. 

According to a former AU employee Erastus Mwencha, Raila's appointment could have been agreed upon by various heads of state's before they reached on President Uhuru for approval. 

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“Usually it is the AU leadership that settles on the suitable candidate before their president’s opinion is sought. This must be how it worked in this case,” said Mr Mwencha. 

Pay benefits 

He added that the leaders would settle on the person who fits the bill before engaging the candidate to accept the offer.

That aside, the big question here is how much will Raila earn and what are the benfits accrued to his salary as an AU envoy? 

See also: The ten promises NASA government will give to Kenyans undertook a research on work reviews for African Union employees, especially those with international roles, and found the benefits that they enjoy beside their salary. 

First, no employee is subject to tax deduction from his or her salary. This means Mr. Odinga will pocket the whopping amount free of tax. 

Second, he will enjoy fully paid official travel expenses anywhere he travels. 

Lastly, Raila will receive hardship allowance paid monthly on top of his salary. 

New post 

It is not clear how much the former PM will pocket at the end of every month, considering this is a new post that has been created by the African Union Commission. 

“We have always had the programme on continental development but it is the first time we have a person leading the course. Mobilisation of resources will be a key part of the position,” said Mwencha. 

If the post is created, it is a clear indication that the ODM leader will pocket a considerable amount of money, plus the accrued allowances. 

Backed by the fact that he will have two offices, one in Nairobi and another one in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Raila will be tasked with responsibility across the the continent. 

In the new position, the former Prime Minister will lead the continental push for development of infrastructure through raising of funds. 

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