Scientists develop self-lubricating condom for safe sex

Safe sex

Are you sexually active yet issues of Sexually Transmitted Diseases have been bothering you?

Well, worry no more for there’s hope for you to practice safe sex using a self-lubricated condom rather than using traditional lubricants, which “can pose disadvantages of dilution in physiologic fluids and sloughing away over repeating articulations.”

According to a study by researchers from Boston University, the new self-lubricating condoms can improve comfort during intercourse, which could encourage more people to practice safe sex

The study shows that the condoms have been designed with a special, durable coating that becomes slippery when it comes into contact with natural bodily fluids.

It also suggest that the number of people using contraception may increase if they're given access to self-lubricating condoms.

“Such a coating shows potential to be an effective strategy for decreasing friction-associated pain, increasing user satisfaction and increasing condom usage,” read part of the statement from the study.

Furthermore, the study states that encouraging more people to practice safe sex using the self-lubricating condoms will also lead to lower incidences of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

The condoms are yet to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration before they get tested during sexual intercourse.

33 participants were involved in the study to carry out “touch tests” by comparing non-coated latex that had been lubricated by a traditional lubricant and the self-lubricated latex.

Source: Independent Lifestyle

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