Kenyans on twitter pity with TV star Jacky Maribe for her misfortunes

Jacky Maribe

Kenyans on twitter have sympathized with TV beauty Jacky Maribe following a court ruling on Tuesday.

They claim that Maribe is a victim of circumstance and only the truth shall set her free.

@patriots_254KE says that God will fight for Maribe and the diseased Monica Kimani.

“It's so heartbreaking for Jackie maribe Joseph irungu alias Jowie messed up with her lifeWhether she's guilty or not. Let justice prevail .Jacque Maribe didn't know the dark side of jowie..but God is our final judge May God fight for her and fight for Monica Kimani's family. “ read the twit in part.

@nkirote72 wrote… No one knows what tomorrow holds, one minute you are happy you doing so good, and everything working as you've always wanted and the next minute all that look shuttered with no hope. In this case of maribe and jowi who are we to judge? Only God can "Jackie Maribe"

@evakimathi twitted….If I was Jackie Maribe, I could have spoken nothing else but the truth. The truth will set her free. Meanwhile we are praying for Monica's justice.

oseph Irungu 'Jowie' and Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe's murder case has been pushed to Monday, October 15, when they take pleas.

On Tuesday the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji ordered that Maribe and Jowie be charged with the murder of Monica.

Justice Jessie Lessit pushed Maribe and Joseph Irungu plea on Monday 15.

She also ruled that Maribe should go for a mental checkup as Irungu receives medical treatment for a wound in his chest.

Maribe was arrested on September 30 and held at the Gigiri Police Station, five days after Irungu had been apprehended.


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