Migori by-elections: IEBC release the results

Migori by-election

The independent electoral and boundaries commission has released the results for senatorial by-elections held yesterday at Migori County.

According to their twitter handle, ODM candidate Achillo Ayako emerges the winner by garnering 57% (85,234 votes) of the total vote casted

The people’s Party candidate Oketch Gicheru comes in second with 40% (60, 555 votes) of the total votes casted.

Other candidates’ votes are as follows, Ogola (654 votes), Jobando (555 votes), Otieno (457 votes), Rugaria (285 votes).

Voter turnout recorded is 38.02% (148251 votes casted).

The number of valid votes counted is 147,740, while those rejected were 511 votes.

Migori County has a total of 388,633 registered voters from eight constituencies.

On Monday the exercise was marred by a number of things including low voter turnout, which the commission attributed to it being a working day.

Cases of corruptions were also cited as some candidate supporters were found bribing voters.

Migori senatorial seat fell vacant following the death of Mr Ben Oluoch Okello, who succumbed to throat cancer.


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