Sweden 1-0 Italy: Why Jose Mourinho attended

Sweden v Italy

It was a tantalizing moment for the Italy side who suffered a 1-0 defeat in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday as Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho witnessed.

It was clear why the Portuguese chose to pay close attention to this match even as England took on German at Wembley stadium.

Two United players played against each other, both having been struggling for game time at Manchester.

Victor Lindelof, with only 67 minutes in the Premier League, came out of the game with a clean sheet as the Italia Matteo Darmian efforts to score hitting the woodwork.

Neither player has had many competitive minutes for Manchester United so far this season, so this match gave Mourinho a chance to see them competing at a top level.

The second leg of the match will be playe at San Siro Italy, come next week.

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