Raila Oinga accuse foreign envoy for contributing to Kenyan crisis

Raila in US

Nasa leader Raila Oinga has accused foreign envoy in the country saying they have contribute to the political crisis, leading Kenya on the path of electoral autocracy and dictatorship.

Speaking in Washington, Raila called on US support to curb the situation in Kenya, which he said was driving the country to outright dictatorship.

“I have come to Washington to convey a simple message: We need a much fuller engagement in the many arms of government that your country possesses to assist the envoys in Nairobi,” he said at the Centre for Security and International Studies.

“Kenya’s is not just an electoral crisis triggered by a third straight stolen election ... Let me be blunt: Kenya is hurtling towards an outright dictatorship.”

He added that foreign aid has taken precedence in fighting extremism and terrorism, forgetting democracy.

“There seems to be an obsession with stability and the fight against extremism and terror- ism that it now takes precedence against democracy.

"If a regime can provide stability and support against fundamentalism, then one does not care how they manage internal democracy,” Mr Odinga said.

Former US ambassadors to Kenya William Bellamy and Johnnie Carson were among Raila’s auience, envoys he described as “true friends of Kenya”.

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