Ten things to do in your 30s for a successful future

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Are you in your twenties and just wondering how life will be in the next decade to come?

Most people in their 20s have just discovered themselves and will do anything just to leave like so and so.

Well, Pasha lifestyle has simplified it for you to leave a better future once you clock your 30s. We list top 10 lifestyle things you can do to make your 30s lay a better future foundation for you and your family.

1. Stop smoking.

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If you've started smoking, stop immediately. While you can't undo the damage you may have already incurred from smoking, research suggests that those who quit before age 40 have a 90% lower mortality risk than those who continue.

2. Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday

If you sleep late, wake up early. Avoid oversleeping to compensate.

If you oversleep for even a few days, experts say you risk resetting your body clock to a

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different cycle, so you'll start getting tired later in the day. Avoid a lifetime of sleep issues by sticking to bedtime and wake up routines whenever you can.

3. Start exercising regularly.

Try as much as possible to walk, cycle, run, weightlift, hike, swim or just make any form of movement.

In the later half of your 30s, you start losing muscle mass, so it's especially important to exercise at this time, and remember to choose physical activities you really love.

4. Start keeping a journal.

According to Mark Crawley, writing about your life and keeping records of your life events will entertain and endear in your future.

Reports also suggests that putting your thoughts and feelings on paper can help you deal with stressful events.

5. Start saving money.

Saving at an early age accrues you money a better interest.

This means that the more you start saving down the line, your golden years will surface as fast as possible

6. Start pursuing a life dream.

“Don't delay pursuing your life goals, want to buy a house? Have kids? Write a book? Pick one of those life goals and get started. What can you do between now and the end of the year to embark on one of them?” Writes Bill Karwin. 

7. Start learning to be happy with what you


Research suggests that appreciating what you have can increase happiness and decrease negative feelings.

8. Stop thinking you need to satisfy everyone.

Choose your friends wisely and hang out with the people who makes you happy.

9. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Psychotherapists suggests that, "constantly peering over your shoulder to see what others are doing doesn't help you accomplish your goals. You'd be better off spending time thinking about what you want to achieve and evaluating your progress on those fronts.

10. Start forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

According to one social psychologist, self-compassion (the ability to forgive yourself

and learn from your mistakes) is the key driver of success. That's likely because people who practice self-compassion see their weaknesses as changeable and try to avoid making the same errors in the future.

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