New movie in town: American-African film "Ballin..." coming soon with Kenyan storyline

Idria Sultan
A new American film "Ballin" is set to be shot in one of Africa's major town.

The motion picture storyline revolves around a young Kenyan boy (Kunjani), whose parents are victims of violence.

One day on the schoolyard, the thirteen year old is noticed by an American priest who sees him playing basketball and believes he has potential for greatness in the NBA.

The two develop a friendship and a mentorship begins. ‘King’ to be played by Mr Sultan, is a very charming, but an extremely dangerous gangster who has another idea and wants Kunjani to join his gang of criminals and will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Written by Torino Von, the film is directed by Harvy White, an American music director and filmmaker.

Among the casts include Idris Sultan, who won the 2014 Big Brother Africa and two American Actors who take the place of a priest and his friend.

The film will also be shot at New York city and will cost approximately $5 Million U.S. dollars.

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