Mashujaa Celebration: President Uhuru Kenyatta call for a credible election

Uhuru Kenyatta
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Kenya on Friday marked an important day on the history of its independence.

Kenyans came together in celebrations remembering freedom fighters (Mashujaa) who made Kenya an independent republic.

Here is what President Uhuru Kenyatta had to say;

"To those threatening and intimidating the IEBC, this must cease forthwith. We must trust and safeguard our institutions to enable them to grow,"

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"Those who cause chaos and anarchy, your days are numbered... the law will sanction you accordingly. An election is a one-time event and must not divide


"To this end, our security organs have been enhanced and deployed to maintain law and order. The law will apply equally to all regardless of social class and political position. No one will be spared,"

"For those planning to vote and those staying away I urge you to extend a hand of friendship to neighbours and respect each others choice," 

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"I appeal to all Kenyans to vote me back in office for another five years. With your continued support we can achieve better results in our second term,"

"Turn up in large numbers, your votes will be your contribution to the dream of our forefathers."

"It's my appeal to every Kenyan to exercise their rights on Thursday. Those who want to vote must be allowed to vote our country must move forward,"

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