Mutula Kilonzo saw his death, second wife says before the court

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The late Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo's second wife, Nduku Mutula told an inquest that her husband saw his death a day before his body was found at his Kwa Kyelu ranch in Machakos.

The widow told a Machakos court on Tuesday that Mutula had his premonition after he saw insects in the house.

Nduku said her husband said that his life was in danger when he saw the insects. Her attempt to call the fumigation company were thwarted by her husband despite her call to contact the company.

The late senator died on April 27, 2013 on Saturday a day before expressing fears for his life.

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Testifying before magistrate Kipkurui Kibellion, Nduku told the court that her late husband had been threatened in a letter written in red and had been put in an envelope with powder and the letter was sent to a certain school in Mbooni in 2009.

She quoted that the letter had been written, "Mutula Kilonzo breathe your last," she quoted.

Nduku said she told her husband to keep away from the thoughts and he was seemingly bothered though he did not divulge the nature of the threats.

She told the court that prior to that, the late senator had been threatened in 2012 by a woman in a text who said her boss sent her to kill him adding that both incidents were reported to police but the woman remained unknown.

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Nduku said she last saw her husband Friday morning before he left for work.

Narrating the incidents, Nduku said she and Mutula had been married for 31 years and had not seen her husband suffer any sickness but the day before his death had taken lozenges for cold.

She added that the relationship of Mutula and his first wife was worrying and he had split with his family when he married her.

Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr on September 6 told an inquest that his father's death was a scheme that involved workers or people close to him.

The hearing of the case has been scheduled for October 22.

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