Uhuru says he will impeach Raila in less than three months even if he wins election

President Uhuru Keny
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President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that he will impeach Raila Odinga in less than three month even if he wins the election because Jubilee has the majority in the both chambers of Parliament.

The president said that Jubilee has the numbers and can make amendments to the constitution based on it though he did not elaborate the reasons that would lead for Raila's impeachment.

Speaking at state house on Monday where he convened a meeting with Kamba leaders, Uhuru said that as opposed to the last Senate where they could not pass Bills, presently they can do business without a single NASA member.

The constitution clearly states that a seating President can be impeached on the grounds of gross misconduct of violating the constitution or any other law of the land.

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The president also warned the NASA MPs and senators who plan to boycott the first sitting of the 12th Parliament on Tuesday.

He said that the party has enough numbers to conduct a house business adding that it would be their constituents who would lose out if they skip the president address.

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