Stereotypes about mental illness

Mental health is something that many take for granted until it is too late. The fact that people know less about mental illness is a problem already. The disorders can be caused by lifestyle issues or inherited through genes. Issues such as stress and depression are expensive to treat especially when it is too late to have them under control. Genetically acquired mental illness includes things such as the bipolar disorder.

Anyway, whichever the mental illness one is struggling with, there are always stereotypes that need to disappear.

Mentally disturbed people are mad

Madness is something every human being possesses. The difference is the degree. Just because someone suffers from depression or is bipolar, does not make him less of a human being. He or she is not mad but simply needs to get help.

Mental illnesses heal on their own

If you have ever met someone who has been stressed or is bipolar, he or she will tell you that medication and therapy help. Waiting for the condition to clear can be dangerous and lead to more complications such as hypertension.

It is easy treating metal disorders

Just because no part of your body is aching does not mean you are fine. Mental issues are psychological and can actually be worse and more painful than bodily illnesses. If the disorder is not handled early enough it can ruin a victim’s life and be expensive to treat. It may take a while to recover and sometimes even a lifetime of continued medication and therapy to stay mentally health.

All mentally ill people should be secluded

This is not appropriate for all cases. It depends on how bad an individual’s situation is. Everyone deserves a chance to live a normal life, and only gets extra help in an institution if the situation gets worse.

Mental illness equals being dumb

Yes, mental disorders affect the cognitive functioning of the brain but it does not mean that patients are not intelligent. Intelligence is innate and acquired too. Some victims are so talented that you cannot understand how they do it considering their struggles.

Mental illness is something that exists all over the world. No one chooses to suffer from any kind of illness. For some, it develops due to lifestyle complexities while for others it runs in the blood. However, the best thing to do is to accept people with mental disorders and allow them be useful in society. However, it is essential to watch out for them so that they can get the help they need to live more fulfilling lives.


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