Kisumu residents over react following Uhuru Kenyatta's congratulatory banners on Kisumu-Nairobi highway

Kisumu residents
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Kisumu residents have burned president Uhuru Kenyatta congratulations banners that were to be erected along the Kisumu Nairobi road near Jubilee market. 

Two of the workers (erecting the banners) were forced to take refuge at the top of the billboard until police came to their rescue. 

Police had to lobby teargas canister at the residents to disperse them. 

The angry residents chanted anti Uhuru slogan saying they will not allow such banners within the county. 

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One resident mark Ochieng said the Presidential elections results were disputed and still in court and wondered why such billboard would be put up yet the case has not be determined. 

"We are still mourning and Uhuru should give us a break and not disturb our peace, "he said as the resident shouted 'hatutaki madharau hatutaki madharau'

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